Midway’s Top Experiences

  1. While away the hours soaking up our summer sun as you relax beside our lakes and rivers
  2. Cycle the KVR right from mile post zero at Midway’s Kettle River Museum
  3. Compete for the title of bike rodeo champion at Kettle River Days
  4. Learn the story behind Midway’s epic railway wars at the Kettle River Museum
  5. Explore the Midway Mountain Hiking Trail hiking to the summit to snap a selfie at the 49th Parallel
  6. Experience Midway MusicFest where traditional music is the star of the show
  7. Take in the urban beats in the bush at the annual Groove Music Festival
  8. Get in a round of golf at the Kettle Valley Golf Club, a 9-hole course on the shores of the Kettle River, between Midway and Rock Creek
  9. Rest up on your KVR expedition, picnicking in the shade of the Kettle River Museum

Good to Know Before You Go

A Natural Stopping Point

Originally known as Boundary City, the village of Midway (pop: 621) is tucked away in the sun soaked Kettle Valley. The Monashee Mountains gently give way to rolling meadows of bunch grass, rock roses and a semi-arid landscape. Look around and you can easily imagine what it was like here in the old west. This is where you’ll find Mile 0 of the famed Kettle Valley Railway. It’s the half-way point between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific ocean. Midway sits right at the international border with United States, and is a natural stopping point on any Boundary Country adventure.

Step out on the trails surrounding Midway. Take the time to visit the Kettle River Museum, connecting with stories of railway wars, and prospector’s dreams. Discover how fast you can tap your toes to traditional music at our Midway MusicFest. Settle down for the night at a heritage inn, roadside motel or RV park. It’s time to discover the sweetness of life in a small town.

Learn Our Stories at the Kettle River Museum

The international boundary between Canada and the United States probably put Midway on the map, but it’s the legendary railway wars that best tells Midway’s story. The saga is that of an embittered battle waged between the Canadian Pacific Railway and Vancouver Victoria & Eastern Railways. This and other Boundary Country tales are told through an extensive collection of photographs and railway artifacts at the Kettle River Museum. Railway and history buffs are naturally drawn to the comprehensive exhibits. The Kettle River Museum, with its shady picnic grounds and retired CPR caboose is a welcome picnic stop for families and cyclists traveling the KVR route.

Kettle Valley Rail Trail & The Great Trail

Railroads once ran through the heart of Boundary Country and connected Canada from coast to coast. They delivered both pioneers and prospectors to our mineral-rich corridor. You can imagine the dreams of those long-ago travelers as you hike, bike, ski or snowshoe the decommissioned rail beds of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) and the Columbia and Western Railway (C&W) that meet in Midway, forming a 240 km (149 mi) section of The Great Trail (formerly the Trans Canada Trail).

Year Round Recreation

The Treaty of 1846 designated the 49th Parallel as the international border between Canada and the United States. Summer or winter the interconnected trails lacing their way from the centre of town up Midway Mountain make taking a hike a serene experience. Hike, mountain bike, or snowshoe the network of trails right to the spot where two countries connect. Stroll or cross-country ski the sun-dappled path of the Riverwalk trail along the banks of the Kettle River. Amble the red, green and blue trails to the Baldy Lookout. Reward yourself with a hike up the mossy trails all the way to the top. While you’re there, snap a photo of yourself standing right on the border, one foot in each country.

Relax by the Kettle River

The Kettle River cuts its watery swath through the heart of Boundary Country. It begins in the Monashee Mountains and winds its way south to Midway. From there it detours over the international border before flowing back into Canada at Grand Forks. Listen to the river’s running water – feel the sun warm your face.

Kettle River Days

Experience an old-fashioned, small town festival that celebrates family and community at Midway’s Kettle River Days in July. A hearty pancake breakfast kicks off the day and fuels up the riders for the bike rodeo. Slather on your sunscreen and compete in the inner tube races, build your own boat and then race it down the river. The entire day is centred on good, old-fashioned family fun.

Midway Music Fest

Every community has their signature event that draws people from near and far to indulge in their passions. Ours is the Midway Music Festival where traditional sounds of old country, western and bluegrass music will have you up out of your seat and on your feet. Let yourself feel the music as you tap your toes along to the tunes. You can either be in the crowd or bring your own instrument and join in the jam! Come for the day, or the entire weekend, and celebrate the best of traditional music.

Groove Festival

If your musical leanings are more urban beats then come for the Groove Festival. A weekend party, the dual stages at the GT Paradize Ranch are filled with DJs, hip-hop artists and live bands throwing down beats in the bush.