Boundary Country Seasonal Visitor Research – Spring 2019

For Additional Information and Visitor Breakdown by Explorer Type (EQ) read the full report here: Boundary Country Spring 2019 Summary

  • The Number of Spring Domestic Minimum One-Night stays decreased by 8,640 or 19% when comparing Spring 2018 to Spring 2019. The decrease is consistent in all Provinces with the exception of Saskatchewan which saw an increase of 3% in Spring 2019.
  • There was no ranking visitation from the following Provinces/Territories in Spring 2018 or 2019: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territories and Prince Edward Island.
  • The Number of Spring International Minimum One-Night stays increased by 2,690 or 28% when comparing Spring 2018 to Spring 2019. The increase is consistent in the USA.

Note: ALL counts exclude residents of the Thompson Okanagan Region.

For more information about 2018 Year-In-Review or the Research Program review our Research Program Overview.

Sources: TELUS InsightsEnvironics Analytics

TELUS Insights

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TELUS recognizes that Big Data comes with big responsibility to protect the privacy of individuals. They have implemented industry leading standards to protect privacy every step of the way through:

  • De-Identification of data meaning it cannot be traced back to an individual.
  • Aggregation of data into large data pools ensuring privacy is fully protected at all times.
  • Data extrapolation to be representative of the total Canadian Population.
  • By de-identifying and aggregating the data, it is possible to preform geographic and movement analysis, while respecting privacy.

TELUS has implemented industry-leading Privacy and Design standards to ensure that privacy is not compromised.

  • All the data analyzed by TELUS Insights is de-identified, meaning it cannot be traced back to an individual.
  • It is also aggregated into large data pools to reveal mass-movement patterns and trends, and extrapolated to be representative of the total Canadian population as a further means of ensuring their privacy is protected at all times.
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