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Boundary Country photo challenge

Welcome to the trail map photo challenge

Boundary Country has over 2000 km (1243 mi) of trails to be explored by foot or bike. We’ve launched a brand new trail map (pictured below) to help you navigate and plan out your trail adventure and discover more of Boundary Country. To celebrate the launch of the trail map, Boundary Country Tourism has teamed up with Black Press Media and organized the Capture Boundary Country Photo Challenge to encourage the exploration of our region that could result in you taking home some fun prizes from some of our amazing local businesses in Boundary Country. Pick up a copy of the Grand Forks Gazette or Boundary Creek Times and look for the weekly “Take a Hike” feature with a new trail to explore!

Boundary Country’s 10 Picture Perfect Spots

  1. History – Boundary Country is overflowing with history, whether mining, logging, Indigenous, Doukhobor, or Japanese. Take a rainy day to explore the past and collect your picture-perfect photo at one of these amazing museums
  2. Breathtaking Lookouts – Send us your favourite breathtaking spot! Lookouts from trails and trail sections are encouraged.
    • Christina Lake Upper Dewdney Trail Lookout
    • Grand Forks Granby River Lookout
    • Greenwood Jewel Lake Lookout
    • Midway Riverside Gazebo
  3. Wildlife on the Trail – Post a photo of wildlife you find along the trail or even in one of the communities! From birds to beavers, there is always something to find. (Please do not disrupt or feed the wildlife)
    • Easy to capture: Deer, quail, crows, horses, cows
    • Harder to capture: Eagles, coyotes, moose, bears
  4. Trails, Trails, and Trails – Snap a photo of yourself sporting a pair of well-worn boots, atop your bike, or on a trusty horse.
    • Boundary Country Rail Trails
    • Big White Summer Trails – You will find your picture-perfect spot at the top of the Bullet Chairlift where there is a sign post displaying distances to various places around the world
    • Christina Lake Hiking and Cycling
    • Grand Forks Community Trails
    • Greenwood Twin Flags
    • Midway Hiking and Cycling Trails
  5. Boundary Eats – Each community in Boundary Country shares similarities to the next one but has its own twist. So the same goes for the food culture! Take a photo with your special order, be it a fresh cup of coffee or a mouth-watering burger.
    • Head over to the business directory to find restaurants to immerse yourself in Boundary Country’s unique food culture!
  6. Farms, Orchards, and Farmers Markets – Good things grow in Boundary Country. Gather your foodie friends and tour the valley, stopping at family-owned farms, orchards, and roadside markets. Catch your ‘Picture Perfect’ photo spot at:
  7. Lakes and Rivers – Whether lake or river, take a photo with your paddleboard, tube, fishing pole, or canoe and enjoy Boundary Country’s pristine waters.
  8. Awesome Swag (Retailers) – Boundary Country has some wicked, locally-owned retailers. Take the opportunity to support local businesses that help create memorable experiences and snap your ‘Picture Perfect’ moment with some new swag at one of these locations:
  9. Arts Scene – Boundary Country’s unique landscapes and open-air have lured artists over the decades. They’ve created inspiring works of art in almost every media imaginable. Now it’s your turn. Find inspiration in one of our galleries or studios for your next ‘Picture Perfect’ photo spot:
  10. Memorable Stays – Boundary Country is decorated with unique and memorable accommodators. Here, locals take special care to make your stay stand out. Take a photo of where you’re staying, we want to see a unique corner or your favourite spot to unwind after a long day.

Prizes to be Won!

Contest details

The Capture Boundary Country Photo Challenge goes from July 1st to September 6th. There are 10 types of ‘Picture Perfect’ photo spots (listed above) on trails and in communities throughout Boundary Country where a QR code, Trail Map, and #CaptureBoundaryCountry are printed. Follow these instructions to gain entries:

  1. Follow @boundarybc on Instagram. (Must be following @boundarybc to claim a prize if selected)
  2. Post a selfie or photo at each Picture Perfect photo spot you visit on Instagram.
  3. Tag @boundarybc in each individual post.
  4. #CaptureBoundaryCountry in each individual post.
  5. Mention the location in each individual post.

Alternatively, photos can be submitted via email to for entries into the contest.

By participating in the Capture Boundary Country Photo Challenge, the participant certifies that they have read the Rules & Regulations further down this page.

See you on the trails!

Further Details

  • There are 10 prizes available to be won. Winners will be selected through a randomized draw. Participants are only eligible to win 1 prize.
  • For every unique location (up to 10) posted to Instagram within the contest timeframe, the posting Instagram account will receive 1 entry into the randomized draws. There are bonus entry incentives for posting Entries will work as follows:
    • 1 location posted = 1 entry
    • 3 locations posted = 3 entries + 2 bonus entries
    • 7 locations posted = 7 entries + 5 bonus entries
    • 10 locations posted = 10 entries + 10 bonus entries

Rules & Regulations
Must read to participate

Contest rules & regulations. Please read carefully

  • Boundary Country Tourism assumes no risk for participants engaging in the Boundary Country Photo Challenge. By participating in the Photo Challenge, the participant agrees to fully and forever release, indemnify, and hold harmless Boundary Country Tourism. Whether known or unknown, of injury, including death, disability, illness or damage to property. Under no circumstance will Boundary Country Tourism take responsibility for any liability.
  • Boundary Country Tourism reserves the right to determine the eligibility of entries on the basis of appropriate photo language, and appropriate photo content.
  • By using the #CaptureBoundaryCountry in an Instagram post, the user agrees to allow Boundary Country Tourism to use that post’s content on the @boundarybc social media channels.
  • The participant recognizes that Boundary Country Tourism could not offer this Photo Challenge without obtaining a release of liability.
  • The participant understands that Boundary Country Tourism DOES NOT ENCOURAGE OR CONDONE ANY ILLEGAL ACTS in connection to participating in the Photo Challenge
  • The participant WILL NOT COMMIT any illegal acts connected to their participation in the Photo Challenge
  • The participant releases Boundary Country Tourism from all liability and any consequences that may arise from their actions connected to or in pursuit of the Photo Challenge
  • The participant fully and forever waive, release, and discharge Boundary Country Tourism any and all liability, claims, loss, expenses, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever arising from their participation in the Photo Challenge.
  • If any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall continue in full force and effect.
  • This Photo Challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

By participating, the participant certifies that they have read this document, fully understand its content, and are not under the influence of any substance that may alter their ability to understand its content. The participant is aware that this is a release of liability and a contract and agrees to it of their own free will.