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Jerseyland Organics

2690 Almond Gardens Road E, Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0
2635 Almond Gardens Road East Grand Forks British Columbia V0H 1H4 CA
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Visit the contented cows and stock up on Organic cheddar, gouda, feta and yogurt at Jerseyland Organics. Jerseyland Organics dairy products are made from 100% certified Organic Jersey milk from our own herd of dairy cows. This Farm produces outstanding product that is sold all over the Province and is highly sought after. Owner Jeremy Devries not only takes care of his farmland, but cares for the animals – they welcome visitors to the farm where you can pet the sheep and pick up some yoghurt while you’re there!

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Box 1468, Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0