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Boundary Country’s digital marketing performance has seen both positive and negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

From January to April 2022, website was visited by 15,469 users (-21%) through 17,964 sessions (-24%) over 29,845 pageviews (-30%). The average session duration was 1 minute and 15 seconds (-13%), with an average of 1.7 pages per session (-8%).

Over the period, the @BoundaryCountryBC Facebook page gained 304 net likes (-30%), totalling 9,773 fans (+19%).

During the period, the @BoundaryCountry Instagram account gained 117 net followers (-20%), bringing the count to 2,333 followers (+21%).

Some analytics saw some negative results compared to last year. While these numbers would normally be alarming, there was a digital advertising campaign running in 2021 during this reporting period. There was a significant budget dedicated to driving traffic to our website and social media channels.

There is a digital advertising campaign running through to the end of May. The results will be detailed in the May report, and we can expect increases on this period’s results.

*Percentages in brackets (+%) indicated changes from the same period (Jan-April) of 2021

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