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MRDT Workshop Meeting Minutes – Sept 2022

Big thank you to everybody who attended the workshops! We value your time and input, the discussions were very insightful.

The PDF document pertaining to the presentation and meeting minutes will be attached to this email for your viewing.

Information on the MRDT Tax:
The MRDT is a 2% provincially operated tax that is applied to the guest folio – or bill – through participating accommodation providers.  Although this does not cost the people of the Boundary one penny, since 2019 we can see that this has generated almost $300,000.00 of funds that can be directly invested in creating tourism opportunities and driving awareness of the region.

Why does this matter?
Every five years the MRDT comes up for renewal, and that time is now.  Originally, in 2018 the MRDT was run by the Boundary Museum Society, who undoubtedly realized how significant the requirements to report and activate the funds are.  With that, in 2019, the MRDT and tourism marketing moved to Symphony Tourism Services, a subsidiary of TOTA, to activate on the behalf of the Boundary.

We’re reaching out to everyone invested in tourism in the Boundary. Our hope is that by seeing these meeting minutes that it might result in other ideas being brought forth, of ways that we can grow tourism to this region.

If you have any questions about the MRDT program, Tourism Marketing over the last 5 years, or why it matters please reach out to

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