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New Patio Guidelines

The Ministry of Health has published new ‘Guidance for Outside Dining Spaces‘, which may impact your business should you have a patio. We strongly encourage you to download and review the document and ensure your patio is in compliance as some that have been operating prior to April 21, 2021, may not be.

This document provides information on ways to comply with the Provincial Health Officer’s Order on Food and Liquor Serving Premises, specifically the requirements for providing outside food or drinks services (e.g., on a patio). As an owner or operator, this guidance will support you when preparing or amending your COVID-19 Safety Plan and outside dining set up. This document is also being used by health inspectors. The document states: “Only patios that meet the requirements of the Food and Liquor Serving Premises Order to avoid crowding will be acceptable. Many patios that have been operating prior to April 21, 2021, would meet the requirements in the Order and can continue to operate. Some patios would not meet the requirements in the Order and will not be able to operate or must make changes to be able to operate.” Inside the document you will find:

  • Definition of a patio
  • Capacity tips
  • Walls and air flow tips
  • Cooling and heating tips
  • Visual examples of acceptable outside dining spaces and unacceptable outside dining spaces
  • How to determine if your patio meets the open vertical space requirement of the Order

 Download the guidance document here.