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Nk’Mip Wildfire Evacuation order – July 20

On July 20th Mike Farnworth, the Minister of Public Safety, and Solicitor General, declared BC in a provincial state of emergency to support the provincewide response to the ongoing wildfire situation. The state of emergency applies to the whole province and is initially in effect for 14 days once issued and may be extended or rescinded as necessary. Read the deleration here.

Our hearts and support goes out to anyone effected, especially those in the West Boundary evacuations. Click here for more information on the Nk’Mip Wildfire

Anyone ordered to evacuate should gather only essential belongings and exit along Highway 3 toward the City of Grand Forks where an evacuation centre is now being set up. All evacuees are asked to register online at ess.gov.bc.ca or in person at the Jack Goddard Memorial Arena at 2020 Central Avenue in Grand Forks.

The RDKB asks all residents to register for the RDKB Emergency Alerting System.