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RDKB Climate Action Plan – Survey

The RDKB is currently developing a Climate Action Plan and they want to hear feedback from both residents and businesses in the RDKB electoral areas to ensure the Plan reflects the community’s needs, and to assist the RDKB in setting priorities and making decisions. This survey is to understand from your perspective – the impacts your experiencing, your concerns, and the areas that the RDKB can help and support.

The climate action plan will look at how we can conserve energy and how we can mitigate, adapt and prepare for climate change.

Who should be involved: If you live or have a business in the RDKB electoral areas

When: May 5 – 29, 2022

How to get involved: Take the survey and also ask a question or leave a comment. https://jointheconversation.rdkb.com/climate-action-plan