Where Wanderlust Meets Golden Dreams

Plan your stay in Boundary CountryWanderlust and golden dreams first lured travellers to Boundary Country. Plan a trip to Boundary Country where today, people come here to explore our great outdoors, drink in our culture and take part in some of the best music events around. Choose from rockin’ out, taking in a rodeo, or a rising star baseball tournament, or wandering through the farmers markets.  At night, lay your head at any one of our great accommodations, or pitch your then and relax under the stars in our timelessly Canadian landscapes. Take a hike in our forested mountains and marvel at the change of scenery as they sweep into semi-arid ranch lands and lush, fertile valleys.

Where Two Countries Meet

Boundary Country is where the 49th parallel marks the boundary between Canada and the United States. The Kettle River winds it way through Canada and the USA. It flows 282 km (185 mi) from its Monashee Mountain source all the way to the community of Christina Lake near the Kootenay-Rockies region. It’s here where it crosses the border and continues on its way in Ferry and Stevens County. Explore Boundary Country on the Monashee Loop and then connect to Route 97 to explore the other side of the border in Washington State.

Outdoor Adventure

Being outdoors is what many Boundary Country experiences are all about. Here are four simple steps for enjoying the great outdoors in British Columbia.