Authentic Experiencer

Authentic Experiencer - EQ types
Explorer QuotientYou are an understated traveller. Travel is only one of your interests in life. That’s not to say you don’t appreciate a good vacation! You’re naturally drawn to beautiful landscapes. You also appreciate getting to know the locals and their stories while you vacation. You generally don’t like to plan too far in advance. Authentic Experiencers prefer to go with the flow and allow days to unwind as they will. You love to check out attractions and events you encounter along the way.

Come experience Boundary Country. It’s here you’ll find plenty of wide, open, spaces. They appear to lead from one beautiful vista after another. We have endless trail systems, two slow running rivers, and quiet back roads means. Authentic Boundary Country adventures are around the next bend in each of the rivers. The midway point between Vancouver and Calgary, Boundary Country is adventure, unlimited.

Delve into Boundary Country for unrivalled outdoor adventures:

  1. Disconnect from your daily routine. Hike or cycle the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR) from Midway’s Mile 0 to Rock Creek and beyond
  2. Pitch your tent on Jewel or Christina Lakes‘ sandy shores. camp beneath tall Ponderosa pines
  3. Have a bowl of Borscht! It’s an authentic Doukhobor dish that’s a staple on Boundary Country menus
  4. Go with the flow. Take you time as you relax by our rivers and lakes
  5. Fill your basket or backpack at any of our five weekly farmer’s markets. Meet local farmers, and area artisans. They are happy to share their love of Boundary Country with you
  6. Stop at the Rock Creek Trading Post for legendary cheese sticks and bread made in house each day, hang out for a while, chatting up the locals and other visitors, gleaning tips on how to spend your day
  7. Hike or snowshoe Phoenix Mountain‘s 14-km loop trail, past a former mining boomtown, where today only a cemetery stands
  8. Discover an emerging artist, meet fellow music lovers, mellow out at the Ponderosa Arts & Music Festival in Rock Creek
  9. Ride horseback through the Gilpin Grasslands or Galloping Hills taking in views that leave you breathless