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What are EQ Types?

Does the idea of a getaway full of thrills most others may never experience get you excited for your vacation? Do you love to plan your holiday in advance, creating a “must do” list to sample from? Or do you prefer to chat up local folks who know your destination best? Do you like to delve right into the local scene, whatever that may be? Or, is your idea of a great holiday a quick getaway, to connect with friends, or family, or both?

Everyone has a unique approach to how we like to travel…some like to plan in advance, drink in all the sights and check everything off their Top 10 lists. Others just like to go with the flow, letting each day unfold naturally. Still, others prefer to jump right into the local scene with both feet. No matter which type of traveler you may be, you can take some of the guesswork out of how you would like to experience Boundary Country, by letting locals provide suggestions tailored to your travel preferences — so you can enjoy Boundary Country your way.

If you’re curious to know your personal EQ Explorer type, take the simple EQ® Traveller Quiz, then, unlock the key to a suggested experience tailored specifically to your traveller profile.

Authentic Experiencer

You are an understated traveller. Travel is only one of your interests in life. That’s not to say you don’t appreciate a good vacation! You’re naturally drawn to beautiful landscapes. You also appreciate getting to know the locals and their stories while you vacation. You generally don’t like to plan too far in advance. Authentic Experiencers prefer to go with the flow and allow days to unwind as they will. You love to check out attractions and events you encounter along the way.

Come experience Boundary Country. It’s here you’ll find plenty of wide, open, spaces. They appear to lead from one beautiful vista after another. We have endless trail systems, two slow running rivers, and quiet back roads means. Authentic Boundary Country adventures are around the next bend in each of the rivers. The midway point between Vancouver and Calgary, Boundary Country is adventure, unlimited.

Delve into Boundary Country for unrivalled outdoor adventures:

  • Disconnect from your daily routine. Hike or cycle the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR) from Midway’s Mile 0 to Rock Creek and beyond
  • Pitch your tent on Jewel or Christina Lakes‘ sandy shores. camp beneath tall Ponderosa pines
  • Have a bowl of Borscht! It’s an authentic Doukhobor dish that’s a staple on Boundary Country menus
  • Go with the flow. Take your time as you relax by our rivers and lakes
  • Fill your basket or backpack at any of our five weekly farmer’s markets. Meet local farmers and area artisans. They are happy to share their love of Boundary Country with you
  • Stop at the Rock Creek Trading Post for legendary cheese sticks and bread made in house each day, hang out for a while, chatting up the locals and other visitors, gleaning tips on how to spend your day
  • Hike or snowshoe Phoenix Mountain‘s 14-km loop trail, past a former mining boomtown, where today only a cemetery stands
  • Discover an emerging artist, meet fellow music lovers, mellow out at the Ponderosa Arts & Music Festival in Rock Creek
  • Ride horseback through the Gilpin Grasslands or Galloping Hills, taking in views that leave you breathless
Biking, near Christina Lake, Boundary

Cultural Explorer

You like to blend in like a local on vacation. You’re happiest when you get away from it all. Culture Explorers become immersed in the culture, history and lifestyle of the places they vacation. You’re spontaneous, and you want to experience it all. Yes, all of it, from historical sites to modern culture. For you, travel is all about leaving your everyday world behind. It’s about skipping the tourist route. Instead, you look for offbeat adventures. It helps you better understand how the locals live.

You’re always excited about your next trip. Because for you, travel is all about the journey. It’s not just the destination. Pick almost any city or town in Boundary Country. You’ll find historic and cultural attractions that tell the stories of Boundary Country best.

Here are a few ways you might enjoy exploring Boundary Country:

  • Explore the eastern shore of Christina Lake just north of Texas Point. Go by kayak or canoe and discover ancient pictographs that give you a peek into our First Nations past.
  • Join in the fun of an old fashioned parade. Come and celebrate Canada’s smallest city at Greenwood’s annual Founder’s Day Celebration
  • Drive the Phoenix Mountain Interpretive Forest on a self-guided tour of our copper-mining past
  • Take a self-guided walking tour of Greenwood where more than 60 heritage buildings painting the city’s landscape
  • Pop into the Boundary Museum in Grand Forks any Thursday in summer for a demonstration of the art of outdoor bread baking. Let the scent of fresh-baked bread lure you into the museum. Doukhobor stories come to life in a collection of interpretive exhibits and events.
  • Indulge your inner cowboy and explore our western roots. Help out around the ranch for a day at PV Ranch
  • Wander the Kettle River Arts Festival each July and August. Discover new artists and their inspired works
  • Experience the very best of rural BC at the Rock Creek Fall Fair in September and the Grand Forks Fall Fair, an August tradition since 1910
  • Listen to the Blues and eat BBQ at the annual Sky High Blues Festival in Rock Creek
  • Cross-country ski or snowshoe through the footsteps of history along the Trans Canada Trail, the historic Dewdney Trail and the KVR in winter