Summer Recreation

Dip into Summer

Dip into summer in Boundary Country. Enjoy long, hot days filled with outdoor adventures. Life slows down to a reasonable pace when the mercury rises. Our long summer days magically fill with appointments at Christina or Jewel Lake. Check your calendar. It’s time to fish, swim and boat on the lakes and rivers.

Let go of your endless to do list and enjoy summer in Boundary Country. Come and bike our wide, open, and rambling trails. The Dewdney, Kettle River and The Great Trails (formerly the Trans Canada Trail) criss-cross the valley and river beds. Come take a natural respite from your over-connected world.

Explore and travel Boundary Country’s timeless landscape. It’s here where forested mountains slowly give way to rolling ranges and lush farmland. Come and play in our local and provincial parks. Listen to our tales of gold-seekers, railway wars and Doukhobors. You’ll hear these tales at heritage sites and cultural centres from Rock Creek to Christina Lake and points in between. Tour mile-after-mile of back-country roads. Drink in the landscapes that inspire artists exhibiting in galleries in Grand Forks and Christina Lake. You’ll also find them at festivals and events throughout the valley.

And don’t forget your fishing rod! This area is well-known for its fishing. The locals will tell you where the fish are biting and what baits and lures work best, depending on the season.

Revel in the summertime vibe of outdoor festivals that celebrate the blues, homecoming and the love of baseball. Tour and taste your way through Boundary Country. Experience the richness of rural life at community farmers’ markets.

Summertime only lasts so long, but in Boundary Country it seems like long summer days are an extended vacation.