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Come and hike on Boundary Country Trails

Good to Know Before You Go

Here are some things that are good to know before you head out on our trails. Above all else, give yourself ample time to enjoy nature in Boundary Country. We’re glad you came.

  • Expect a variety of surfaces when hiking trails. This includes the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, the Columbia Western Rail Trail and The Great Trail (formerly the Trans Canada Trail). Expect loose gravel, pavement and unconsolidated railway ballast.
  • Some sections are not suitable for road bikes. We recommend a 2.4 tire.
  • Detailed information on the Boundary Country portion of the KVR and The Great Trail is at Trails BC
  • Explore on your own or get advice from the locals. Contact Wildways, Chain Reaction, Greenwood Museum, Kettle River Museum, and/or KVR Cycle Tours.
  • The Kettle River Museum now offers overnight stays in their historic bunkhouse in Midway, right on the KVR.
  • Several area businesses offer trail maps, rental bikes and shuttle service. Our local Visitor Centres can direct you to the right people!
  • Several of the properties and beaches along the rail trails are private property. Please be considerate and prevent invasive weeds from spreading from the trail. Many private beaches are along the KVR Trail. Please respect trespassing signs or check with owners before using
  • Bike helmets are mandatory in British Columbia
  • Be sure to check with the local Visitor Centres to find out about parking near the trails
  • Many of the most beautiful trails run through sensitive eco-systems — please stay on marked trails to avoid damaging the environment and pack out what you pack in
  • Most trails are multi-use and mixed use. Trail etiquette is ATVs/ORVs yield to all, horses yield to hikers, cyclists yield to horses and hikers
  • ATVs and ORV need to follow guidelines for exploring in our area

Ride, Snowshoe, Ski, Hike, Bike, or Walk… the Boundary Country Trails

There are so many ways to enjoy the trails in and around Boundary Country. Explore by foot or atop your trusty mountain bike or horse. In the cooler months, slip on your cross country skis or snowshoes and discover all that Mother Nature has to offer. This is Boundary country and our trails were made for adventure.

Top 10 Trails for Hiking, Biking & Horseback Riding

  1. Columbia and Western Rail Trail  from Farron to Midway through Greenwood and Grand Forks. Part of the Great Trail (formerly Trans Canada Trail)
  2. Kettle Valley Rail Trail that connects to Beaverdell and Rock Creek/Midway. Part of the Great Trail from Midway to McCulloch.
  3. Midway Hiking and Cycling Trails
  4. Christina Lake Hiking and Cycling Trails
  5. Grand Forks Community Trails
  6. Big White Hiking Trails
  7. Old Cowboy Ranch Horse Trail Rides in Westbridge
  8. Mountain Biking Trails for Christina Lake, Grand Forks and Midway
  9. Trapping Creek Horse Trails north of Beaverdell/Carmi
  10. Greenwood Twin Flags (first two hikes page 12)

Top 10 Trails - Boundary Country Trails

Rail Trails and Walkabouts

Our trails meander through an ever changing landscape of rolling mountains, ranch lands, tranquil river shores and ancient grasslands. Urban centres, rural areas and ranchlands, and the wild of Boundary Country offer up almost endless opportunities for explorers of all ages and agility. Visit BC Rail Trails for more information on rail trails in and around Boundary Country.

Biking The Great Trail, Boundary BC

Take a day trip or spend the night camping under the stars. You can venture out on historic rail trails. The Kettle Valley, Great Trail (formerly Trans Canada Trail) and Columbia Western Trails offer you day after day of unique experiences and being up close with nature. There are over 2,000 km (1,243 miles) of trails in Boundary Country that link our communities and our history.

There’s nothing better than a walk after a good meal. Walk on well-lit paved pathways or gravel trails. Our walking trails are a great way to explore our towns.

Mountain and Park Trails

You’ll love the cool of our mountain and park trails. Hike the trails that surround our lakes and rivers in the summer. In the winter, bundle up and head outdoors on the same trails for pure winter fun. Our trails and walkways abound with colour in the spring and fall. There really is no best time to explore.

Hiking a mountain trail, Christina Lake, BC

Connect with the Trails

The Trails to the Boundary Society has several ways for you to connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Trails BC has a great website that will give you downloadable KMZ/GPX files for your smart phone or tablet with information on the historic trails in the Boundary area. Grand Forks Community Trails also has a mobile friendly site to use while you’re exploring.