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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is essential for the success of tourism in Boundary Country. Find out information on our advisory and steering committees, survey results and to connect with your key contacts.

Stakeholder activities include workshops, 1:1 contact, email communications, surveys and outreach by Cindy Alblas, Boundary Country Stakeholder liaison.


Boundary Country Advisory Committee

The Boundary Country Tourism Advisory Council is comprised of a cross section of over 30 businesses and services across Boundary Country. Committee responsibilities are to answer emails to gather your input and feedback on proposed projects.

Ongoing expressions of interest for Boundary Country Tourism Advisory Committee can be directed to

MRDT Boundary Country Tourism Steering Committee
The Boundary Country Tourism MRDT Steering Committee is now formed, who met for the first time January 30th, at Community Futures in Grand Forks, BC. The Committee Terms of Reference were finalized, survey results were reviewed and partnerships and opportunities for destination development were identified. Responsibilities of this committee are to: attend a minimum 3 meetings per year in Boundary Country (location to be determined), answer emails pertaining to the Boundary Country Steering Committee and the proposed projects, and recommendations for the annual MRDT tourism plan.

Ongoing expressions of interest for Boundary Country Tourism MRDT Steering Committee can be directed to

Survey Highlights

Key findings from the Boundary Country Tourism Stakeholder Survey
December 2018-January 2019

  • Survey results consisted of a total of 20 responses, 40% Accommodation, 24% Restaurants and Services, 18% Recreation, 14% Museums, Gallery, Attractions and Tours and 6% Retail.
  • Good overview was represented from across the Boundary 53% from Grand Forks and Christina Lake and 47% from the West Boundary.
  • 70% of businesses surveyed are open year round, with an average of a 63% occupancy, with a need for increased capacity between April-October.
  • The majority of visitors coming into Boundary Country are from the Okanagan, Vancouver and other BC.
  • 44% of travelers are couples, followed by 26% adventure travelers and 24% families
  • Greatest assets of Boundary Country are our natural beauty, our trails and recreation.
  • 89.5% respondents supported attending the Vancouver Outdoor Travel and Adventure Show
  • Main areas of focus for the professional development workshops are: How to market on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google), developing experience packages, quality customer service and best practices, collaboration across the Boundary, how to create and/or optimize your website and photography and video.

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