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Boundary Creek, near Greenwood, Boundary Country

You never know what you’ll find around the corner on your next hike. Once you’ve explored our lake & rivers, it’s time to be awed by our waterfalls. Hikes around Midway and Greenwood and south of Christina Lake include spectacular scenery and waterfalls.

Boundary Creek Falls

Take a hike around Boundary Creek Falls, halfway between Midway and Greenwood. About 31 m (100 ft) upstream from the falls is an old dam that once generated power for Greenwood. Go exploring around the small canyon and view the 12 m (40 ft) falls from the canyon rim.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is another great area to explore. It is located just south of Christina Lake and slightly north of the Canada/USA border. This 31 m (100ft) cascading waterfall has quite a history behind it. Long ago, it was a meeting place and trading ground for First Nations people and a great fishing source. In the early 1800s, a state-of-the-art hydro project was built here. This was one of the first locations to pioneer 3-phase 60-cycle alternating current generators and was operational until 1919. It was based on Nikola Tesla’s revolutionary model of alternating current. Some say this project finally settled a rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison on the AC/DC debate. Today you may still find some remnants of the old plant as you explore the beauty of this area.

Fisherman Creek Falls

Located not far from Grand Forks, right off the Trans Canada Trail, is Fisherman Falls. Travel several kilometres northwest either by foot or bike and just before the junction of the Fisherman Creek Forest Service Road, there is an excellent shady path to the left. Follow your ears until you hear the falls. The Fisherman Creek Tunnel and old railway bunkhouse are not far past this point.

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