Spring - Boundary Country - BC Canada

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Discover the many ways to explore boundary country in spring

Wildflowers near Greenwood – photo by Darren Robinson

Top Spring Experiences

  1. Explore the quiet solitude of the Trans Canada Trail by bike. Enjoy the natural beauty of our region as it wakes up from its winter slumber.
  2. Angle for trout, small-mouth bass or mountain whitefish at one of our serene lakes
  3. Head out for some early season camping! Checkout Old Cowboy Ranch or one of our many other accommodators
  4. Spend a few days exploring our region and trying out the Boundary Country Geocoin Challenge
  5. Go on an art tour! Our galleries are filled with awesome local work
  6. Grab a tasty takeout meal and picnic beside the historic Kettle River
  7. Hike our trails! Try heading to see Cascade Falls or make your way through Gladstone Provincial Park in search of ancient indigenous pictographs

Spring Into Action

Spring has arrived, and adventure is ready to be had. Shake off any winter hibernation left and enjoy the sweet spring air as you rediscover all of the fun that has been waiting for you. Though we can’t wander too far from home, Boundary Country’s wide, open spaces are calling you and your bubble. Dust off the bikes and explore as much of the Trans Canada Trail as you can handle! Or get out on the water for a paddle. It has been a long winter, after all.

Supporting local is important right now. Boundary is known for its sense of community, and it’s never been a better time to take care of each other than presently. But, it is also important to take care of your sanity! Get outside, stay active, and nourish the relationships with those in your bubble. Explore, appreciate, and support the region and communities around you. Nourish those relationships with those in your bubble and be safe.

Kettle River, Kettle Valley Rail Trail, near Westbridge, Boundary
Kettle River 7, Kettle Valley Rail Trail, near Westbridge, Boundary, summer, landscape, Darren Robinson

Spring Retreats

With winter coming to pass, Boundary Country has started to wake up slowly. If you’ve got that itch to venture, consider a mini-escape with your bubble to somewhere nearby! There are plenty of awesome accommodators close by who can provide a temporary ‘home base’ to help you escape and enjoy Boundary Country to the fullest.