Adventure: Unlimited.

Dip into summer in Boundary Country. Long, hot days are perfect for outdoor adventures as wide as the valley itself. Life slows down when the mercury rises. Extra long days magically fill with appointments at Christina or Jewel Lake. Mark your calendar. It’s time to fish, swim and boat. Spend time on the Kettle or Granby Rivers and drift to the rhythm of the current. Forget your to do list. It’s time to relax on the wide, open, and rambling Dewdney, Kettle River and The Great Trail (formerly the Trans Canada Trail) that criss-cross the valley and river beds. They offer a natural respite from an otherwise over-connected world.

Boundary Country is land rich in history, set in a landscape of natural wonders. We have an abundance of friendly people, outdoor recreation, hearty food, events and celebrations. Our communities of Beaverdell, Bridesville, Christina Lake, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Rock Creek, Westbridge, and Big White in British Columbia, Canada, are waiting for you.

Wanderlust and golden dreams first lured travellers to Boundary Country. This mineral-rich swath of land lies in the Thompson-Okanagan Region of BC. It begins where the 49th parallel marks the boundary between Canada and the United States. Relax in our tranquil and timelessly Canadian landscapes. Spend some time forest bathing among the cedar, spruce, and pine in our forested mountains. Discover your inner cowboy in our sweeping ranchland. Our lush, fertile valleys, are bound together by the Kettle River. It flows 282 km (185 mi) from its source in the Monashee Mountains, all the way to the community of Christina Lake.

Travel Boundary Country

Discover stories of gold-seekers, railway wars and Doukhobors. You’ll find our stories at cultural centres, heritage sites and galleries. From Grand Forks to Rock Creek, Midway and Greenwood to Christina Lake, we’ve got tales to tell. Tour mile-after-mile of backcountry roads. Drink in the landscapes that inspire artists here and around the world. Several of their pieces are on exhibit at the Grand Forks’ Gallery 2 and Christina Lake Living Arts Centre. Revel in the summertime vibe of outdoor festivals. Come celebrate the blues, homecoming and the love of baseball. Boundary Country is home of the Grand Forks Invitational Baseball Tournament.

This is a land rich in flavours too! Tour and taste your way through Boundary Country. Experience the richness of rural life at community farmers’ markets, and the Rock Creek Country Fair.

Explore Boundary Trails

Spring, summer and fall are great times to hike and bike the trails Boundary Country. Come explore The Great Trail. There’s also the Kettle Valley Rail Trails and also the historic Dewdney Trails. In the winter, our trails turn into a winter wonderland. They’re perfect for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Stay Awhile

Provincial Parks welcome returning campers and families out for a day hike or picnic. Stay overnight or stay for awhile. There are plenty of accommodations available here from motels and hotels to luxurious and cozy B&Bs.